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At Earl Soham Community Primary School, we recognise the importance and value of science in creating curiosity and inquisitiveness about the world we live in. Our aim is to deliver science lessons which join up scientific thinking and explore and develop links between themes and ideas, teaching children to question, hypothesise and draw conclusions. We want our children to develop a life-long love of learning though the excitement of experimenting, exploring and understanding. 



We follow the Curriculum Maestro Scheme for science which reflects our wish to teach science discretely whilst making strong links across the curriculum through topic work and skills taught and revisited. 




 The impact of this curriculum design will lead to Science being a valued subject, which whilst stand alone, also allows for cross-curricular links. Valuing the subject and ensuring high quality teaching and learning of Science will allow for progress over time, across key stages, relative to a child’s individual starting point and their progression of skills. Through various workshops, trips and interactions with our Science curriculum will lead pupils to be enthusiastic Science learners. This will be evidenced in a range of ways, including pupil voice, their work and their enjoyment for science.


Want to help at home?

Every term we send home knowledge organisers which set out what we hope your child will learn over the course of the term. You could discuss the facts on the sheet, play guessing games by covering up key information and encourage your child to read and research around the subject. In case the sheets are mislaid, you will also find them here.