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At Earl Soham Primary School, we endeavour to create confident mathematicians, capable of problem solving using a range of techniques and seeing the links between the different areas of maths.


Mathematics is not only a core subject but a good grasp of it is vital to many aspects of adult life.

At Earl Soham Community Primary School we believe that pupils should enjoy mathematics and become confident problem solvers who view errors and mistakes as learning opportunities.

 We use White Rose Maths as our base curriculum, ensuring that expectations are high then supplement from a range of sources to ensure that concepts are mastered. Children at our school are given opportunities to use a variety of resources and manipulatives to support their learning. This allows them to explore concrete examples before moving on to pictorial and abstract concepts.  The use of such resources underpins learning and supports children throughout their mathematics development.  The use of manipulatives is encouraged up to and including Year 6.

We tailor our provision to the nature of the child, considering their individual needs.  Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes and are either scaffolded to succeed or extended to develop concepts and skills in more depth. 

As pupils move through the school they become more fluent in their calculations and develop an understanding of the connections between different aspects of mathematics e.g. connecting division to fractions.

 Mathematics lessons are complemented with regular skills and problem solving activities to support and consolidate understanding. We use the Times Table Rockstars app to encourage children to learn their tables. 

Opportunities are sought to deliver maths across the whole school across curriculum e.g. using statistics in geography or measuring in science. This enables us to teach mathematics in context and give a real world perspective to its delivery.


Reception and Key Stage 1

An overview of the yearly timetable for Reception and Key Stage 1 is shown in the file below. 

Reception Overview

Year 1 and 2 Long Term Plan

Year 1 Small steps Autumn Term

Year 2 Small steps Autumn Term

KS2 Maths

An overview of the yearly timetables for mathematics at Key Stage 2 is shown in the file below. 

Year 3 4 Long Term Plan

Year 4 Small Steps Autumn Term

Year 5 6 Long Term Plan

Year 5 Small Steps Autumn Term

Year 6 Small Steps Autumn Term