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Earl Soham

Community Primary School

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Jen Carlyle

Head Teacher

Appointment: January 2022 to December2025



Charlie Fielder

Staff Governor

Appointment February 2021 to February 2025

Committees: Curriculum



Sally Connolly


Appointed by LA

Appointment: November 2021 to November 2025


Patrick Goymer 


Parent Governor

Appointment: September 2021 to September 2025

Subject Area and Responsibilities: Science

Committees: Curriculum, Personnel

James Moorman
Parent Governor

Appointment: February 2021 to February 2025

Subject Area and Responsibilities:

Committees:  Finance





Lorna McCurrach

Appointed by Governing Board

Appointment: May 2018 to May 2022

Subject area and Responsibilities: Looked After Children

Committees: Premises and Health and Safety

Teresa Moriarty

Co-Vice Chair

Appointed by LA

Appointment: November 2021 to November 2025


Emma Cochrane

Parent Governor

Co-Vice Chair

Appointment October 2021 to October 2025



Hannah Buckland

Parent Governor

Appointment: October 2021 to October 2025


Jonathan Campbell
Parent Governor

Appointment: November 2021 to November 2025

Subject Area and Responsibilities:

Committees: Premises and Health and Safety

Elizabeth Smith
Co-opted Governor

Appointment: September 2021  to September 2025

Subject Area and Responsibilities:  Mathematics

Committees: Curriculum, Head Teacher's Review







Tracey Sayer

Associate Member

Appointment: N/A

Committees: Finance





























Interests declared by Governors


Please click on the link below for information relating to pecuniary interests. 

Governors Pecuniary Interests

Governor Attendance - Full Governing Body Meetings


The attendance record of governors at full governing body meetings during the last academic year is shown in the table below.  A 'Yes' record indicates that they were present at the meeting.  TD indicates that technical difficulties prevented attendance at an online meeting.  Meetings were held online once this facility had been established. 






2021 (online)

23rd September





2021 (online)

13th January 2022


Jonathan CampbellYesYesYesApologies
Alison BowmanYesYesYes-
Patrick GoymerYesYesYesYes
Geoff HazlewoodYesYesNo-
Hilary HintonYesNoYes-
Peter Lambillion- JamesonYesYesYes-
Lorna McCurrachYesNoYesYes
Anji Rico(TD)YesYes-
Elizabeth SmithYesNoYesYes
Jez TurnerYesYesYes-
Charlie Fielder(TD)YesYesYes
James MoormanNoNoNoYes
Emma Cochrane--YesYes
Hannah Buckland--YesYes
Sally Connolly--YesYes
Teresa Moriarty--NoYes
Jen Carlyle---Yes


Governor Attendance - Committee Meetings

The tables that follow show governors' committee membership and attendance at these meetings. All committee meetings were suspended during the summer term 2020 due to the Corvid-19 pandemic and the closure of the school. 


Curriculum Committee


Members23rd February 2021 (online)29th June 2021 (online)1st October 2021 (online)
Alison BowmanYesYesYes
Patrick GoymerYesYesYes
Peter Lambillion-JamesonYesYesYes
Elizabeth SmithYesYesYes
Charlie FielderYesNoYes
James Moorman--Yes


* Exceptional meeting - other Governors present. 

Finance Committee


Members15th March 202124th May 202115th November 2021
Alison BowmanYesYes 
Peter Lambillion-JamesonYesYes 
Tracey SayerYesYes 
James MoormanYesNo 


Premises Committee


Members30th October 201929th January 20205th November 2021 
Alison BowmanYesYesNo
Geoff HazlewoodNoYesYes
Peter Lambillion-JamesonYesYesYes
Lorna McCurrachYesNoNo
Jonathan Campbell YesYes

SEND Committee


Members23rd November 202022nd April 2021 (online)
Alison BowmanYesYes
Peter Lambillion-JamesonYesYes
Anji RicoYesYes