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We aim to nurture creative and confident artists who appreciate and explore art in all its forms.



Art is taught as a discrete subject throughout the school. We follow a two year rolling programme which is based on Curriculum Maestro in order to ensure that knowledge and skills are built upon as the children progress through the school. We celebrate all areas of the arts through an annual Arts Week where children are encouraged to experience a wider range of artistic skills. As part of our Rosenshine-based pedagogy, we regularly review and revisit skills and knowledge. 



We are proud of our enthusiastic and skilled artists. Art is seen as a valuable tool which ties together other areas of the curriculum. Children can talk knowledgeably about the skills and techniques used in their sketchbooks which travel with them through the school.

Helping at home?

Take a look at the Art knowledge organisers which detail what children should learn in each class. You could discuss it with your child, ask them to show you examples, practice spelling key vocabulary- every little extra helps!