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Music is a key part of cultural and personal identity. At Earl Soham Community Primary School, we endeavour to teach children the skills they need to analyse the music they listen to; to expose children to new types of music from different eras and cultures; and to enable children to see links across the music spectrum through genre and history. We seek to ensure that every child leaves our school as a musician. 


Children are taught music following the Charanga scheme, ensuring progression and links are built in and that children experience a developing understanding of themes and skills through their music education. In addition to a music session taught weekly, they also take part in weekly singing assemblies where a repertoire of curated songs are added to and skills are developed. Children are given opportunities to perform in front of an audience through events such as 'Proms on the Playground', school performances and in Celebration assemblies. Violin, woodwind and brass lessons are offered for children in year 3 upwards and recorders are taught to children in Year 3 and 4. The school has an Arts Week in the Summer Term where music and performance feature heavily. 

Impact- our aims

* Children enjoy and value their music education.

* Children become confident performers, able to define themselves as musicians

* Children can see links across genre and history in understanding the development of music

* Children can explore and understand the importance of music to cultural identity.

* Children have had experience of a diverse range of musical styles and can explore similarities and differences. 



Long Term Plan