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"Humankind's greatest priority is to reintegrate with the natural world."

Jonathon Porritt

Envionmentalist, CBE


Geography is the study of our changing earth: its lands, features and inhabitants.   

Our Vision


We love studying Geography at Earl Soham; from dipping our toes into the North Sea on a coastal study to meeting cows on a visit to a local  regenerative farm; there is always a way to bring it to life and allow the children to get fully immersed in it. And if we can’t reach certain parts of the curriculum through visits out, we bring them into school.  You can’t take away the excitement of watching a homemade volcano erupt or the sense of achievement when you’ve found where you live on an ordnance survey map. Geography is all around us and opportunities to revisit  it apply across the curriculum - if it’s 10am here, what time is it in Australia where your Aunt lives?

We encourage our young geographers to explore, ask questions, and draw conclusions in the hope that they will become passionate advocates for the planet they live on.


Geography in school



Here at Earl Soham Community Primary School, we aim to create enthusiastic geographers, ready to understand the workings, connections and changes that have made the world around them (so far). engaging and encouraging them to become passionate future stewards of our planet .  As well as covering explicit topics, based on geographical learning, we also take every opportunity to draw links across the curriculum to reinforce and explore our geographical learning. 




Geography is taught through our topic based curriculum that builds on both skills and subject knowledge from early years through to year six. Wherever possible, we make connections between the children's local environment and the geography that is being studied . School trips are kept as local as possible in order to show children links between the abstract concepts that they are learning,  and the impact that these have on their daily lives; our polytunnel , thriving eco-club and science curriculum further help children embed this learning.



Geography in action



We aim to create enthusiastic geographers, equipped with the knowledge of how the physical processes have created the landscape around us, both local and global. This in turn leads to better understanding of human geography has evolved and the  case and effect of current environmental changes. As our children progress through the school they are able to draw links between their learning, and the events and landscapes that they see around them . They begin to acquire a deeper understanding of the relationships between human populations including how they settle, trade and move about the globe as well as the way physical landscapes impact the people that live in them.