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Reopening Update

Re-opening Update: 1st September 2020


Dear Parents,


We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back tomorrow. I am writing to confirm, and remind you of the arrangements that were issued at the end of last term. Thankfully there have been few changes.


Revised information

Drop Off

  • Please can you maintain social distancing at all times
  • Bubble 2 children will be dropped off at the interior gate (outside yellow class)
  • Children will be advised to sanitise their hands on their way into school

Pick Up

  • Again please maintain social distancing at pick up
  • Please could you collect pupils from:-

Year 5 & 6 top gate outside the school hall

     Years 3 & 4 outside Yellow class

     Reception, Year 1 & 2 red class area

Please start collecting at the top and work down if you need to.



  • Children need not bring any equipment, i.e. pens, pencils etc. as these will be provided
  • All children will need a labelled water bottle
  • Book bags may be bought to school to carry reading books and logs
  • On Friday Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 will need P.E. kit suitable for outdoors.
  • Please do not bring toys or other items into school


The following remains as previously advised:-




·         The school will be divided into 2 bubbles. Bubble 1 will be Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Bubble 2 will be Years 3, 4, 5, and 6.

·         Bubble 1 will be based in Red classroom and Bubble 2 will be based across the other two classrooms.

·         In line with the published guidance these two bubbles will be kept apart as much as possible.


Break Times

·         Bubble 1 will have their break between 10am and 10:15 am.

·         Bubble 2 will have their break between 10:30am and 10:45am.



·         Lunch times will be staggered with Bubble 1 starting lunch at 11:45 am and Bubble 2 starting their lunch hour at 12:15pm.

·         The Playground will be divided into equal areas as it is at present.

·         The two bubbles will be segregated within the hall.  The majority of Bubble 1 pupils will have vacated the hall before Bubble 2 arrive.



Enhanced Cleaning

·         The school has been deep cleaned

·         Daily cleaning in the evenings will continue as at present

·         Additional cleaning of high contact areas (toilets, door handles, corridor etc.) will take place between morning break and lunchtime.



·         Where ever possible each pupil will have their own individual equipment as has been the case during Lockdown.

·         The layout of the rooms will be arranged in line with guidance that expects that children will face forwards wherever possible.




·         It is expected that pupils will return to wearing school uniform in September

·         Government guidance states ‘uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more often than usual…’  However if you wish to launder your child’s clothing more frequently, please do so.



Personal Hygiene

·         Children will be expected to wash their hands upon arrival and at key points through the day.

·         Hand gel and cleaning wipes will continue to be available in each room.

·         Children will be encouraged to use the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ procedures in school. Tissues will be available but children may bring their own supply if they wish.




·         Bubble 1 will be taught by Mrs Stoney, who will be supported by Mrs Lock also Miss Ling.

·         Bubble 2 will be working with Miss Fielder, Mrs Exton and Mrs Lander. I will also be working with them.

·         Initially Mr Wall will continue to shield and he will be leading our catch up programme.


Breakfast Club

·         Breakfast club will not start immediately and this will be reviewed at the end of the first two full weeks in school.






Reminder: Nuts in School

·         Earl Soham Primary School has been a peanut free environment for a long while, however this is now extended to include ALL nuts and nut based products. This is because a number of our pupils are at risk of a severe allergic reaction to nuts and/or peanuts. Therefore please do not send nuts or items that may contain nuts or nut oil into school. Just to confirm all food prepared on this site is fully compliant with respect to allergens.



The staff and I have been working hard to put the final details in place and we are just as excited as the children to get the new term underway.


Kindest Regards,


Mr Lambillion Jameson